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At Harvest Wellbeing we use reflective practice to engage with our supervisees and in the development of mentoring partnerships that focus on immediate outcomes and support a journey of life-long learning.

The ability to reflect is critical to success in all areas of life. To understand ourselves in relationship to others, to take learning from perceived or actual failure, to imagine and create a new way all require us to step back, know ourselves and identify the factors that created a situation. Harvest Wellbeing is committed to supporting individuals and organisations to develop a culture of safety that facilitates reflection and growth, thereby fostering an environment of innovation and personal development.

This approach has allowed us to develop specialist expertise in cross-disciplinary supervision for nurses, osteopaths, and physiotherapists in addition to psychologists and those in the corporate setting.

With weekly, fortnightly or monthly sessions available, contact us to talk about your supervision or mentoring needs.

Suzanne is a registered psychologist with extensive experience in various organisational settings.

Training with Harvest Wellbeing means a focus on changed outcomes, not just increased knowledge.