Harvest Wellbeing | Corporate Wellbeing Training

Psychologist. Trainer. Consultant.

Suzanne is a trusted advisor and practitioner with over 20 years experience. She is passionate about working with organisations that invest in their people and are motivated to foster sustainable paths to organisational success.

Suzanne is a registered psychologist with extensive experience in health care, forensic and educational systems as a case manager, psychologist, trainer and organisational consultant.

Suzanne’s consultancy has focused on the training and supervision of staff and creating a climate conducive to organisational growth and innovation. With an emphasis on engagement at all levels of the organisation and an explicit focus on wellbeing as a measure of success, Suzanne works with companies to focus on their people as their most valuable asset, exploring the simple steps organisations can take to improve their overall performance. She has worked therapeutically with individuals with significant mental health and social issues in addition to working with organisations in the areas of policy development, program design and evaluation and improving staff performance.

Suzanne’s strengths include emotional intelligence, integrity, and diligence enabling her to engage effectively with stakeholders and to work both independently and collaboratively in achieving desired outcomes. Her energy is contagious and because of this she is able to work effectively with teams to quickly generate creative solutions to organisational challenges.

Suzanne works with a select group of skilled and reputable associates, all specialists in their fields to create tailored solutions for organisations taking advantage of the services of Harvest Wellbeing.

Suzanne offers sessions using reflective practices to engage professionals in the life-long journey of learning.

Training with Harvest Wellbeing means a focus on changed outcomes, not just increased knowledge.