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for modern organisations

Harvest Wellbeing offers training & development in a number of areas critical to the success of organisations.

Training & Workshops

Training with Harvest wellbeing means a focus on changed outcomes, not just increased knowledge. All sessions have a knowledge and practice element to allow participants to take their training beyond the seminar room and into life.

Working hard for something we don't care about is called stress; working hard for something we love is called passion.

- Simon Sinek


At Harvest Wellbeing we utilise reflective practice to engage with our supervisees and mentoring partnerships to facilitate a journey of life long learning. This approach has allowed us to develop specialist expertise in cross-disciplinary supervision for nurses, osteopaths, and physiotherapists in addition to psychologists and work with organisations to maximise their people potential.

With weekly, fortnightly or monthly sessions available, contact us to talk about your supervision needs.

Policy Design & Development

We offer tailored solutions to harness the latest research in leadership, communication, people management and wellbeing so your business develops as people and practices grow.

Suzanne has had many successes in a number of senior roles across education, NFP & government. She has been a highly respected leader and thinker and is now a trusted consultant and advisor.

It’s Suzanne’s deep understanding of evolving organisations and the people who empower it, that drive results. Suzanne seeks to look beyond teams and organisational structures – applying human-centred practices to advocate for positive outcomes.

Suzanne Dick

Principal Consultant